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Studios 5 & 6

These two busy studios combine audio and video formats together to create professional DVDs, Enhanced CDs and web-based media, including extensive QC procedures at every stage as a matter-of-course.

The studios specialise in DVD production and our engineers work hard to bring you the highest quality industry-standard encoding, design and authoring. They encompass a variety of DVD services and have worked on numerous PAL and NTSC feature films, music and corporate titles.

Our Sonic SD-2000 workstations simultaneously encode real-time MPEG2 video and sound formats, Dolby Digital (AC-3) and PCM Surround Sound. They create the highest possible quality professional-standard video and audio for your product.

The studios' creative engineers use a variety of broadcast-standard editing and artistic software to bring you exciting tailor-made DVD interface designs. Our Sonic DVD Creator and Apple DVD Studio Pro authoring stations create unique navigation and style for your DVDs.

Working in conjunction with studios 2 and 3's mixing and mastering skills we bring you the ultimate DVD package with fantastic 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. We create a more fuller, cinematic and exciting feel for your title, bringing the sound and action to life.

Our engineers’ creative qualities extend to the Macromedia Director multimedia authoring application. We create enhanced CDs, streaming audio and video together and other web-based material.

The studios naturally bring you all the usual DVD services but also the latest cutting-edge techniques - further details can be found in our DVD section. A standards and format conversion process is also available, whether it is an MPEG for DVD, or media for streaming, we guarantee a fast and high quality encode.

Like all our staff, the experienced and friendly engineers in studios 5 and 6 relish their work in postproduction. They are completely dedicated to ensuring that your product has the highest professional standard both technically and creatively at a very competitive price.

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