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Studios 3 & 4

Built in 1993, these two rooms comprise SRT's most flexible suite. Studio 3 works as a mastering facility, a 56-channel multitrack mixdown facility ( including 5.1 surround-sound ) and a recording control-room for Studio 4.

Studio 4 is a spacious live room, designed with jazz and small classical groups in mind. Featuring a beautiful Steinway piano, it offers a comfortable, intimate setting for a wide variety of musical styles. Many highly-regarded recordings have been made here, with artists like Dina Carroll, Christine Tobin, Alec Dankworth, the RPO strings and John Taylor. Customers often comment on the great "feel" of the rooms and enjoy the relaxed, informal working atmosphere.

A combination of B&W 801 mastering-calibre monitoring, SADiE Artemis editing platform, reverbs by TC Electronic and 24/96 surround-capable Yamaha desk form the basis of Studio 3's outstanding mixing capabilities, with recordings made to any format as required. This superb environment lends itself equally well to any application; surround-sound mixing, for example on Culture Club's 20th Anniversary concert at the Royal Albert Hall; digital mastering and re-mastering for customers like BMG, Universal/Island and numerous independent labels; recordings of everything from film soundtracks through voiceovers and drama to jazz, folk, rock, and R&B; or sound-to-picture work for TV and film.

Whatever the medium or material, SRT's engineers pride themselves on achieving an authentic, natural sound, and relish working closely with artists, labels and producers to achieve the highest possible standards.




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