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Studio 2

Studio 2 is all about versatility. It has highly accurate, full range monitoring (active 3-way Genelec S30’s) both for stereo and surround formats. Work usually revolves around a T.C.Electronic system 6000 which provides great sounding AD/DA converters and digital sound processing up to 24bits and 96KHz. The multi-band dynamics are particularly impressive and provide a very powerful tool when used with care. In combination with a Sadie Artemis system for editing, Studio 2 is a very efficient, high quality Stereo/5.1 mastering and editing facility.

Multiple channel, high-resolution mixing/editing also takes place in Studio 2. We are used to handling everything from intimate jazz studio sessions right the way through to 48 channel orchestral film scores. Our attention to detail and obsessive attitude to sound is legendary! Pro-tools or Nuendo are our multi-trackers of choice, but we are happy to work from any source. The System 6000 also contains some of the best sounding reverbs and effects around today, which are often utilised during mixing sessions. The music for numerous TV shows and film music CD albums have been mixed and mastered in studio 2 by Gareth Williams.

Mixing and mastering projects have been successfully completed in Studio 2 for companies such as the BBC, Channel 4, Silva Screen Records, Sanctuary, Virgin and Universal. Some of the composers who have enjoyed using Studio 2 include Debbie Wiseman, David Arnold, Carl Davis, Barrington Pheloung, Dave Heath and Daniel Pemberton. Artists who have appreciated Studio 2’s quality output include Lesley Garrett, The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Gareth Gates, Culture Club, Go West, Mott The Hoople, Dina Caroll, Celtus, The Searchers, Bob Marley, The Kinks, Eric Stewart…….

Re-mastering for re-issues of vintage albums is one of Studio 2’s other specialities. All analogue tapes and vinyl are transferred using only the highest quality Studer Machines via a choice of converters (including HDCD). Our engineers are very experienced in dealing with older more fragile material which helps to get the best sound possible at source before re-mastering begins. All restoration processing is carried out while being sympathetic and sensitive to the genre of music and period of recording. CEDAR de-click/de-noise is our most popular restoration tool.

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