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Studio 1

Although SRT's five studios are individually specialised to a certain extent, each is set up to allow us to provide a range of services - for example:

Studio 1 is our premier stereo mastering suite, where its large comfortable listening space with natural daylight breaks the mould of the usual small, dark room. Which makes it ideal for the regular attended sessions that take place - whether just one person, a five piece band (or even a class of students!).

Monitoring is provided by a B&W 801 20 Hz system which is used to full advantage in the clear, unobstructed sound stage (which is traditionally cluttered by consoles & computer screens etc). Along with the industry standard monitoring, studio 1 is equipped with a SADiE hard disc editor, Sony SDP 1000 (32 BIT DSP) and TC Electronics M 5000 (32 BIT DSP) for day to day mastering work - ensuring the highest standards of EQ, Dynamics processing and editing.

SRT also offers outstanding services in the areas of re-mastering and restoration, much of which has taken place in studio 1. Audio can be transferred from 1/4" or 1/2" reel (Studer A 80), vinyl and other high-end analogue equipment, and converted to digital through 24 BIT A/D converters. Restoration tools in studio 1 include Cedar, Sonic Solutions (for its No Noise facility) and, of course, engineer skills - along with regular mastering / editing equipment - to give unrivalled quality.

To complement the impressive stereo mastering facilities, studio 1 has recently been given a complete make-over to include 5.1 monitoring with full range front and rear speakers, and a large 42" screen to make the room an exceptional environment for auditioning one of SRT's many DVD / surround sound projects.

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