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Digital Editing & Production

Graduate Classical Engineers Digital editing has found it's way into all areas of music recording and production. In 1994, SRT undertook the co-production, editing and mastering of a ground-breaking series of 120 recordings for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. This diverse series featured not only symphonic orchestral and chamber works, but also film scores, jazz, and even acoustic rock & pop.

Since then we have continued to excel in every area of musical production - traditional two-track editing - music and sound-effects mixing for radio drama and audiobooks - flexible musical overdubbing facilities - live recording & editing  and full multi-track recording and mixing.

We often find that our mastering experience gives us a unique and invaluable perspective, allowing us to work with material by artists as diverse as Evelyn Glennie, Lesley Garett, Fleetwood Mac, The Alberni String Quartet, Cleo Lane, Sir Charles MacKerras, Nigel Kennedy,Toyah, the RPO and The Philharmonia, Dave Heath, Crispian Steele-Perkins, Deep Purple, The Band, Carl Davis, Kenny Ball, Crouch End Festival Chorus, Fairport Convention, Ronan O'Hora, Barrington Pheloung, Tina May & Nikki Iles & The City of Prague Philharmonic...

Our experienced staff are happy to undertake any level of production you require, including location recording , score-reading and assisting with the process of choosing the right take, right through to producing and editing the whole project, if you wish.

SADiE & Sonic SolutionsConductors, artists and producers new to digital technology are often amazed at both the amount of editing present in recordings they know and love - and also the extent to which these edits can be inaudible. Skillful editing by an experienced engineer can contribute immensely to the musical impact of a performance and recording. Wherever possible we like to use complete takes, but the practicalities of recording to budget or time pressures mean that digital editing, whatever the style of music and level of performance, is an invaluable tool.


We offer both Sonic Solutions and SADiE, the two most sophisticated editing systems available, including the new multitrack Artemis system and mobile systems for use on location.

Mixing and Remixing

NEW ! 32-channel 5.1 Surround Sound Mixing for DVD

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SRT has had great success recently remixing and re-mastering archive material - including live concerts by Fleetwood Mac and Deep Purple, and un-released material by Procul Harum, for example.

24-bit Digital Mixing Our studio's extremely high-resolution signal paths - for example in the Yamaha O2R96 - are ideal for such material, and the combination of vintage analogue "warmth" with modern transparency and clarity allows us to achieve outstanding results.

Working on material for pure mastering has given us a deep understanding of the final sound we're trying to achieve - and this, combined with mastering-calibre monitoring and our sophisticated restoration facilities, allows us to bring a unique perspective and range of skills to the task.

Recording in Studios 3 & 4 Material of this kind can be recorded in a wide variety of formats, some of which are extremely rare these days - but in our experience almost any machine can be found, with a bit of work. In one case in fact it became apparent that the machine we found was actually the one used on the original sessions !


A common comment from our customers is that they are confident that they can trust our ears, and this combined with experience and genuine enthusiasm means they can depend on us even with material by the worlds most respected artists. Our use of sophisticated editing techniques as part of the recording process has also had fantastic results.

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