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Print & Packaging

High Quality PrintingWe offer the full range of artwork services - ranging from accurate high-quality printing of designs which you supply to us, right through to individual unique designs for your project. Artwork is an aspect of the manufacturing process which some companies prefer to gloss over - we feel it deserves as much attention as every other element of your project.  We encourage you to have all aspects of the artwork completed before announcing a release date for your project, since this part of the process can often be complicated.

Our detailed print specs. will be available for download shortly - in the meantime please contact us - we'll be happy to help with any query.

The WarehousePackaging

We know that first impressions count - so it's important that your project's packaging is right. We offer all the main packaging formats - jewel cases, carboard or plastic sleeve, digi-paks.

Things to think about:

Even if you are asking SRT to generate your artwork, there are some general points which it is good to have decided on before you come to talk to us:

  • Try to have a clear idea what you want the finished impression to be - Technical ? Elegant ? Dynamic ? Simple, or busy...
  • Are there any logos or particular fonts you want to use ? If so, do you have them in a form which can be used easily, or will they need to be scanned ?
  • Will you want full-colour throughout the booklet ? Our standard minimum package includes full-colour printing on the tray-card and booklet covers, and black & white on the inside, pages 2 and 3, but you can also choose full-colour throughout and on both sides of the tray-card.

Some people are often surprised to find that artwork can be one of the most problematic areas of manufacturing - typically the audio or data elements are ready well in advance of the printing. We pride ourselves on the care and attention to detail of our artwork services and the quality of our results.

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