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Authoring/Manufacturing Packages available - call now!

All Types of discs manufactured only from Glass Masters
· DVD5 · DVD9 · DVD10 · Dual Disc/DAVD · 80mm DVD · DVD-Rom Cards

From 1,000 to 1,000,000

All Packaging options available:
· Plastic Wallets · Card Wallets · Clam Shell Cases · Slimline Cases · Slimline Amaray Cases· Standard Amaray Cases · Digipak’s

If it's round and silver, SRT can press it for you.

DVD Manufacturing( And even if it's not round and silver, we can press it for you anyway ! )

DVD, Audio CD, CD-ROM, Enhanced CD - whatever you need, SRT provides a full one-stop service, including a wide variety of artwork and packaging options, and new developments like shaped discs & CD-ROM calling cards.

We take the standard of our replication services very seriously, with extensive quality-control at every stage of the process, and of course the best possible value for money. We offer a unique combination of facilities and services - every job is different, so please contact us to discuss an individually tailored package to meet your needs.


SRT recognised many years ago that DVD would become the medium for the distribution of many different formats. DVD has now become recognised throughout the industry as the perfect medium for video, data and more recently high quality audio and the manufacturing/duplication numbers have dramatically increased

SRT offer manufacturing/duplication of all formats of DVD including DVD5, DVD9 and DVD10.

We are the market leaders in new DVD technology and Audio/Video encoding and complex DVD authoring is available as a service if required. As well as DVD manufacturing/duplication and authoring SRT offer extensive audio recording, mixing and mastering for DVD projects.

For more information on DVD Authoring please click here.

When contacting SRT for you manufacturing/duplication quotation please enquire regarding the authoring and audio services available.

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